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Purchasing process

Entrust customers purchase gifts can pickup shipping freight units, may also appoint our delivery, currently "Dalian, Shang Li gifts limited" gift has established a nationwide transportation system: in the US and China Railway Express, air express, parcel, automobile shipping transport company has established long-term relations of cooperation. We will freight destination, choose for you to save money, the most efficient and safe mode of transportation.
1, shipping costs shall be borne by customers, according to the actual shipping cost accounting.
2, we shipped, advise the customer to purchase a certain amount of transportation insurance, not buying risk insurance we are not responsible for freight damage.
3, only for the consignment, shipping company after acceptance of goods, transport accident subsequently loss or other unexpected by transportation companies responsible, but we'll cope with the process.
1)    Auto Express
application: suitable for local customers have direct access to the motor carrier freight yard or passenger station of Dalian, motor transport at low cost.
time: 1st in the District of Dalian to, General 2-7 for other provinces.
delivery mode: Terminal telephone notification, consignee ID card at the Terminal extraction.
freight accounting: General freight calculated according to 12-20 Yuan per package, than 3rd away about 30 yuan.
2)    Railway Express
application: suitable for the distance (2nd), the local train station.
time: 2-4 Dalian to stand for days, 3-7 days for non-direct access to the station.
delivery: we will in a fax or a copy of the Bill of lading after shipment, delivery person, in the terminal after the call on the Bill of lading and identification to the Terminal to get (some stations do not need bills of lading).
civil aviation Express application: suitable for local airports.
time: 1-3 Dalian to stand for days, 2-4 days for non-direct access to the station.
delivery: we will provide a bill of lading after shipment by E-mail or phone, after notification of the delivery man calls the airport cargo terminal, voucher number and identity card, to the freight terminal extraction.
shipping cost accounting: in kilograms, about 3-8 yuan per kg
4)    parcel
scope: outlets throughout the country.
time: 3-7 days.
delivery mode: after delivery, we will E-mail or fax forwarding parcel, delivery people received parcels from post office station, by virtue of the Bill of lading and identification cards, to the post office Terminal extraction.
Freight account: China Post parcel prices please refer to domestic parcel post query page.
shipping method:
"Dalian, Shang Li gifts limited" gifts of all goods logistics express freight delivery methods, General 1-5 days to reach your city, then phone the delivery from your city to take delivery. Kindly withdraw to hold valid identity documents. (No special designation, will depend on the distance you selected, as appropriate by post or express delivery. ) If special requirements can also express home delivery, extra shipping charges borne by you, the above if you have any questions, please call tracking, strategist, informed of movements of goods. (Some cities shipping delivery payment, ordering only need to pay the full purchase price, without having to add shipping charges in your delivery and shipping department directly when clearing freight, generally around 0.3-1.50 per kilogram.
shipping instructions:
"Dalian, Shang Li gifts limited" gift transport company commissioned destination of shipment to the buyer's requirements, all transportation-related costs borne by the buyer.
transportation company shall be specified by the buyer, or commissioned "Dalian, Shang Li gifts limited" gift on behalf of find and run
, In case of delays and losses of goods in the Middle, "Dalian, Shang Li gifts limited" gift
responsibility investigation, does not bear any responsibility. Customer does not declare that it does not purchase insurance I
for purchase 3-5 1000 Yuan.