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Dragon Boat Festival how to give different types of employee benefits gifts

  Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three major traditional festivals in China, corporate employees and welfare would in General during the Dragon Boat Festival gift. The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is also a good time friends come together and rivalries among friends when the company benefits. But compared to what companies are nothing more than send zongzi makes better, bigger shopping card from which company the amount ... ... Ultimately are benefits gifts of high and low trade-in value.
employee benefits gifts is to allow employees to feel the affection of the enterprise, but the same gift for so many years but welfare also lose their significance. For enterprises, directly send money to employees is the most direct and easy way, without bulk procurement need not transport management. Company and employee employment relationship can exist only between the cold, had to rely on welfare to shorten the distance with employees.
dumplings, shopping cards, daily articles falls in threadbare, other trite things is not practical. Employees so much, common enough part of the gift must be for people like, and other employees may feel unfair, their preferences but no matter.
company to give all employees a gift both discrimination and exhaustive, or contributed money and bother or offend some employees unhappy. Discrimination must be subdivided into many types of employees, according to their needs to prepare them the appropriate gifts.
for young beautiful women
young woman must be beautiful. Maybe you'll think some women are quite sloppy, how like the beauty of a woman. You guys got it all wrong, her beauty is very strong, but not too strong for that lazy heart.
women like beauty, firstly, clothing, followed by cosmetics and various trinkets. Obviously, this type of gift is their object to send, give such personal items not appropriate is not realistic.
female employees working to keep in the face of computer, nearly 10 hours a day of radiation hazards, ruined their usual maintenance, skin care ruined meals ruined beauty sleep ruined ... ... Can't!
to send female staff with a basket of humidifier, sympathize with them for work at the expense of hydrating the skin. In addition to moisturizing it also can effectively reduce computer radiation, can be powered by USB, can adorn your desktop at your desk, Office tool is definitely female beauty. No skin problems, and are able to concentrate better.
to proclaim it is young men
woman loves beauty, men proclaim it is hard to say, love sports, love games, love ... ... Generally classified as a "play".
sporty men tired on the Court, you can use it to cool off. What, no power? family robot comes with battery!
love to play the game of man is also quite easy to sweat, summer computer run games, you don't have to blow the computer still blew it. This fan on USB, it will work automatically.
the word Otaku is quiet, why is my mind flashed fenqing, hanging wire, Goddess vocabulary? nerd heart beating upset, as the saying goes mind static nature is not cold, Otaku is used the robot to blow cool. Directly plug in the 220V power supply, fan horsepower more ~
to work in the company of boys should take into account some of the cold when female co-workers, air conditioning not downwards. The Dragon Boat Festival this summer, males are really hot! fan robots don't have a problem, take it to the Office to cool herself. Mature women
to/> women with maternity, with the courage to shoulder family responsibilities is mature. Mature women-specific flavor, they no longer saw himself as the Center, is more important to families and children. So give them a gift to both of their families. Wisdom
mature women do not pursue luxury silver spoon hollow life, they just want their family can be safe and healthy. Outside food is not reassuring, his work, not always to cook children's. Husband and child are the idiot in the kitchen, such as egg fried rice, long to eat unhealthy.
water mug is recently new kitchen appliances, families have not yet, and it is a great help for family life. It is simple, just put food and water in the sealed container. Make lists of food flavor and not greasy. Yihou children and husband at home alone when you can eat simple and healthy food. Female employees can be assured of working overtime.
for mature men
mature woman mature men behind the care more and more lazy to increasingly fat affect the shape of the body is trivial, lazy habits also allows the body to become healthy.
health begins with foot, trampled the cobblestones can proper stimulation of the foot reflex zones, long-term exercise, to remove all the fatigue and physical illness. Not only male employees can use, you can also get family involved, family health benefits of exercise not only more harmonious family relationship.
, of course, far more than the four types of employees, there are many other distinctions, hobbies, personality, age and other. How many people are there in the world, enterprises on how many employees, each employee needs are not the same, specific personalised corporate welfare is really difficult.
gift for innovation and welfare payments that the problem can be solved. Together the diverse needs of employees as a gift book, as long as the gifts to employees and let them choose their favorite on the line.
good benefits gifts as well as accurate delivery of the company's care, but also to meet the employees for gifts and psychological needs, the need to spend more on gifts needs analysis. Gifts come in many forms and styles, but it is not without law, diversity of gifts can really feel and welfare law and science. Selected benefits gifts, can make small welfare to solve big problems.

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