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Marketing: positioning and selection of companies advertising gift

  advertising and marketing are essential partners, a mutually supportive relationship between them, take care of each other like the two brothers. If an enterprise had no advertising to promote products, even if it is a good product that no one knows, to open markets, expand sales channels, to help you in your product needs advertising. "Advertise", this is to let people understand your product, people have at least heard of your product and brand, coupled with the good quality of your product, your market is likely to grow slowly.
there are many kinds of traditional advertising methods, such as TV commercials, newspaper ads, signage ads, car ads, and more. This type of advertising can bring to your company a role in promotion, but we have not yet found, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of advertising?
on took TV advertising for, if you in CCTV buy Xia has a gold period of several minutes advertising, that you can in national range watch CCTV program of people are know you of products and brand, on like "brain Platinum", now even small children are can read out "gifts only received brain Platinum", and not said this products how, but this advertising programme on has is success, many people are know has this brand, Shi Yuzhu also with large of advertising bombing, Melatonin products in previous years has created an amazing sales. The obvious advantage is that you can let people know your brand quickly and opened a breach for your market.
: so what are the disadvantages of this type of advertising? Everyone even not work in advertising industry are can know, you of products to Shang TV, even on so 20 seconds, you of cost are is extremely expensive; especially gold period, and you of advertising Shang TV, not a two days on can worked, you need time of accumulated to "bombing" people of Visual, and hearing; so you of notes of spent speed with Central Bank of printing note machine printing tickets of also on almost has; if not funds strong of big group, big company; small enterprise is hard bear such high of cost of.
now that we ordinary enterprises do not have the ability to do advertising to promote their products and services, that you can do to be more suitable ads style? Our advice is this: you can design a budget package, to order some practical corporate gifts for customers, your company LOGO printed on; for consumers and customers, both functional and can make your brand more deeply in their minds. From the cost point of view, this way is very low; SMEs are easy to take and accept it that way.
for example:
your company is engaged in the clothing industry, in one season, I want to make a promotional section, so that you can choose to pick the right corporate gift as a gift, to give back to the guests. Selection of gifts can have a lot of, you can pick the designs exquisite little toy, you can choose a practical environmental protection shopping bags, you can offer cost-effective ad glass in order a gift of time, printing of your company LOGO on the gift, so as long as your guests use your gifts, your brand will always be in their mind.
for the company, what kind of advertising is the most suitable and cost is not high? First of all, you want according to your industry, product attribute to select a suitable, appropriate guests; second, according to seasonal factors, select useful products as possible; also, choose according to your budget and cost-effective fashion.
lift a example:
engaged in Yu business men's of sales of company, can according to cost factors, gift right of business pen, fire machine of set; (industry sex)
annual spring of when, can set do umbrella as gift, because spring of rainy weather compared more; (seasonal)
If budget cost not high words, can select advertising ballpoint pen, cost absolute deal. (The cost of)
company orientation and choice of advertising gifts, is a very important part of the programme. The right choices, that expand your product market has a great role in promoting, if not positioned on a gift selection, you can directly contact gift company programmes give you more advice, in order to achieve better results.