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How to buy cost-effective gift

  how to purchase great gifts? "Eight points for attention" is the eight standards of purchasing gifts or purchasing focus, the author will be from the perspective of buyers, suppliers, products elaborated in terms of. First of all, from the gift purchaser perspective, should pay attention to two major problems:
first: pay attention to the concerns the theme.
gifts is a common carrier use value and spiritual value to correctly gives gift of spiritual values, it is necessary to grasp the theme of unit activities. As Nanjing a university students graduated ceremony activities, school wants to procurement some gift to is away from school of students, hope they graduated Hou not forget alma mater, encouraged they constantly enterprising, the items procurement activities by school do of Zhu Director is responsible for, Zhu Director to cooperation of gift suppliers convey has clear of activities theme, then many gift suppliers are accordingly provides has programme, after discussion filter, Germany Halston nails clamp eventually WINS, because we according to school gift of activities theme on nails clamp design of recommended reason is: "modified himself, Polish life ". How to buy cost-effective gift? Students receive a school full of thoughtful gifts also moved, principals have added to Director Chu's work is also appreciated. Therefore, in the process of purchasing gifts to purchase the most appropriate gift we should accurately grasp and convey the themes of activity.
II: be careful of purchasing gift budget.
each time the gift purchase plan units tend to have a specific budget. Thus the purchaser must carefully according to the budget to buy gifts. Even if you pick the right gift, if there is insufficient budget, can only sigh, wasted time and effort. Of course, in some cases, activities in order to achieve the best results, select the range of products within budget, and buyers must learn to two-way communications up and down, up and asked the leadership to increase budget and require suppliers to reduce prices, bi-directional parallel, strive to reach a consensus.
Second, from the perspective of supplier selection, mainly focus on two abilities:
third: pay attention to suppliers planning capability, to activities subject to meet the activity requirements of gift planning program.
previously mentioned carrier of the value of the gift is not only material, it is carrier of the spiritual values. How to buy cost-effective gift? How to give spirit and how to give the gift value is decided by the vendor programme planning capabilities, thus it is the primary condition for the selected gift suppliers. Gift of planning programme not only can gives gift spirit value also can acts as a not talk of lobbyists, procurement who in determine a gift of planning programme Hou will it to led, without procurement who again added introduced and persuaded, on can for programme made judge, if led also think the programme is meet activities theme, not only will on gift importance has deep of awareness, while also will on procurement personnel of seriously is responsible for of attitude said appreciates. In addition, procurement in the positions of each unit is a major concern, through the programme and determine the gift purchase orders, after being signed by a competent leader, you can avoid most of the gossip.
fourth: ability to pay attention to vendor services.
1, supplier credit, can trust and win-win partners;
2, visit the vendor's strength, can adequately provide good pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services;
3, to see whether the vendor can provide meet the needs of branded gifts.
, proves the point of view of the demand from the market and above, select gifts branded gifts you want to select.
gift market today has entered the era of branded gifts, purchase gifts gift brand of choice nowadays, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad of the consensus. Brand gift refers to the spread of brand culture, brand image set, Word of mouth spread and effective promotion, accurate service differentiation, all of which combined to form a true brand gift marketing system.
How to buy great gifts? Branded gifts with brand-name products and kitchen products have a different meaning, the brand presents similarities with brand-name products was to have a brand of set and display, and has a certain reputation based. Difference brand gifts focused on gifts and attention to inner spiritual values of the product development, pursuit of recipient groups demand characteristics, to buy as the main way of selling. Branded gifts by brand connotation and add value to the products constantly, make the culture more, consumers in terms of spirit as well as products and services are used, can feel varying degrees of satisfaction. Brand-name products to focus on retail channel, concern the psychological needs of the end consumer, the pursuit of satisfaction of individual needs, based on sales to a single customer purchase patterns.
certainly, brand gift not refers to has a brand name on can called brand gift, so we in procurement process in the to note distinguish brand gift and kitchen gift: both of have in common is are is formal of channel production, but difference is brand gift not only refers to of is brand products, also including brand culture of precipitation, and brand image show, brand publicity promotion and brand value-added service, it is in long-term promotion process in the by brand marketing system running process in the gradually formed of, cannot overnight, Kitchen products do not have the above characteristics. Select brand gift process and what we should pay attention to the problem? According to different requirement types, we explain in detail.
fifth: score points needing attention in selection of gifts is a classic, stylish, healthy and humane.
keen to Bank the people for integral gift card Exchange dominated by young white-collars, they make good money, young, energetic, passionate about sports and outdoor activities, like new and unique products. How to buy cost-effective gift? Gift recommendations for this group should be sport or outdoor activity supplies. Hong Kong climbed to outdoor sports products were a large number of points redemption of units, and the reason is because her products designed to cater to young white-collar workers in sports, health and fashion pursuits. In addition, airlines, mobile communications and other high-end points, she dominated by successful business people, the selection of products to focus on culturally, classic, high-end brand gifts.
sixth meeting, business gift points for attention is small, portable, high quality packed, high added value, memorable.
How to buy great gifts? Business gift of object more to company of important guest or in the high-end customer, or is company of led layer mainly, this groups people of features is high income, high quality, note image, about life grade, concern emotional needs, addition this part people travel more, so should select in the high-end of brand gift gift, especially should to added value high, volume small, will carry of high-end personal nursing series, carry business series, high quality of mug series for best programme, Germany Halston personal care and the United States is proud to be an official grade Cup series very good choice. Because these products in terms of quality, reputation of the recipient are very good results. Express gifts at the same time for recipients of working life take care.
seventh employee benefits gift choice points of attention are larger, practical, innovative, beautifully packaged, leading to employees caring for family-friendly series products.
welfare of the recipient object is the unit's employees, so mind caring gift choices, practical features. To promote "life" as a concept of LVC home products in Hong Kong, set of practical and technology as a whole, products have been designed with a human element, if you select it as an employee benefit, employees will feel not only the leading active and pragmatic work style, can also feel the Humanized Care Unit staff themselves.
eighth points needing attention in selection of promotional items are commonly used, but not common, end of price but high quality.
promotional items in the view of many strange new products should be chosen, but it's not. Only common product is the best product to convey advertising, strange new products is a relative term, and strange new products time and soon become a normal product, the key is to learn to look for something special in common products. Promotional mugs as gifts (because the glass often use and advertising, the effect of ad), many people think that old, in fact, we can make on the cup design, select some stylish, well-made Cup to attract a lot of eyeballs. Some buyers think that, since it is a promotional items we need not care too much about the quality, branded gifts must be very expensive, no need to choose branded gifts, it is a big mistake! How to buy cost-effective gift? Quality promotional items will allow consumers to directly associate with the quality of the product itself, directly affects the consumer evaluation of enterprises and products, in addition, branded gifts are not necessarily all of them is prohibitive, but in fact it has styles and varieties suitable for promotion. Carefully you will find some of the world's leading enterprises in the promotional products to demanding quality requirements are, because they want money to do promotions to drive sales, icing on the cake, instead of the corrupt corporate and product image. If competitors around you choose is cheap, poor quality promotional products, promotional items you choose are affordable but good quality branded gifts, your chance will come. Because consumers will receive a lot of promotional items, inadvertently compares what corporate promotional items and products more excellent, nature also associate representatives behind it which is more high-quality products, under the same conditions, stick to the brand promotional route will be the ultimate winner.
How to buy great gifts? Ceremony culture since Dong Zhong-Shu's "honouring, alone statue Confucianism" yilai has prevailed has thousands of years, and China of gift industry in recently of more than 10 years only gradually formed, do for a emerging of industry, in development process in the will encountered many of difficult, but gift industry of development is not so and deterred, now, increasingly more of units has realized that gift in social contacts, company management, products promotion process in the of huge role and be widely using, select than efforts more important, as long as find on method, flexible using, You can purchase to match your organization brand requested gifts, make an important contribution for the development of enterprise!