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The four most easily overlooked laptop killer

  believe that notebook friends love to myself carefully protected, but sometimes "scourges often accumulate in the micro", some expect them to act is likely to cause irreparable damage.
of death--water
water is the most direct laptop suffered the total destruction of the killers, but there will be a lot of people tend to overlook the potential of "water". As we all know, Notebooks motherboards due to small, integration is much higher than desktop motherboards, which results in relatively high production cost. If the Board is unexpected, replace the system board typically costs about one-third machine price, because this kind of accidents in general are also subject to human failure, not included in the warranty, so repair costs can be said to be centering tongue become sadly intractable. High-end motherboard repair cost would have been more than 5000 Yuan.
How to avoid water damage? First, keep drying using the laptop environment.   Second, using a laptop at the same time to try to keep some distance from water, such as for portable tea, wet hands when using notebooks and so on is not a good habit, it is easy to make portable water, thereby damaging the laptop. Water is very easy to damage the laptop motherboard notebook suddenly encountered water, don't panic. First press the power button to shut off the power at the fastest rate (not shutdown in a daily way, otherwise the Board may have been a short circuit burned. Then, your notebook's battery (this is first removed, action must be fast) removed to avoid battery continues to power the motherboard. Notebook tilt over right away, allow the liquid to flow out.
some articles in the said with hair dryer put notebook blow dry, seems to also has friends follow of, but this approach makes shall not, may everyone no see had notebook of internal structure, notebook internal basically are has many plastic component, if with hair dryer blow words, is easy caused these plastic component heated deformation, put situation make have more bad, even to blow also must to with cold blow.
notebooks can be put in ventilated and dry for three or four days, allow body moisture to evaporate naturally. Three or four days after the placement of batteries, plugged in, try whether the boot operation, if not, it must be repaired. Some friends may be spilled water on the keyboard, can be said to be relative to the Board into the water in front of the luck is much better, in order to prevent further damage to the keyboard printed circuit water, should be shut down immediately cut off the power and remove the battery. Then turn the notebook to a 180 degree legs upside down and let water to flow out of the keyboard. After treating the water flow in a neat, then start trying all the caps are completely valid. If luck is not good, the Board did, that only to a repair station maintenance. Iron hand--finger
hands the day the people will do a lot of things, very easy to clean. When in such a finger-touch pad, top coat will soon disappear, severely shorten the life of light over the notebook keyboard wear, then scrapped. Most vulnerable to electrostatic persecutions the notebook interface, especially USB, MODEM, network card and other frequently needed-plug interface. Winter in plug the interface, note it is best not to live action, try not to let the clothes or body come into contact with the metal parts of the interface, also note that other interfaces such as USB hot-swap when the straight plug, power cord is connected before the cable helps to prevent static electricity.
as in clothes and found a crackling voice, touch laptop it is best to wash your hands, so as not to spark of love to the laptop. Winter don't u disk, MP3, and other electronic products in a jacket or sweater for a ride in the static of this place is very large, not only easy to damage equipment such as u disk, MP3, but also easy to damage the notebook interface. If static electricity is just a lot of dust on the LCD monitor is stuck, you can use the dedicated small brushes to clean up, but if the static electricity caused the notebook is damaged, that had to be repaired.
on how to avoid the damage caused by static electricity? For one thing, as far as possible to reduce human contact with electrostatic notebook, especially notebook interface, internal devices. If you need to contact the notebook's internal components, if you install a memory, touch the water pipe or ground equipment, and eliminates its own static electricity. Second, laptop use around it's best not to place any other electromagnetic devices, including devices such as mobile phone chargers as possible from the notebook.   

in cold blood – condensation water especially in the winter, condensation is the most overlooked a notebook of killer, a lot of people are using and placing the notebook details do not pay attention, will have the potential to cause devastating damage to the notebook. Bespectacled friend may have deep winter from the outside into the warm House, glasses will appear on the top layer of water, which is the condensation of water. Notebook is also a reason, especially for metal notebook, create condensation water will be even greater, and the resulting number and more. In addition to the surface, inside the machine may also cause this phenomenon, so don't think that thin layer of condensed water, the condensation water might be thoroughly broken notebook heart. Condensed water is pervasive, as long as it is and contact areas are likely to have condensation water, including important parts such as motherboards, CPU, if the system powers at this time, the consequences can be imagined.
to not create condensation water the best way, first of all are not laptops too cold, to target to buy a cotton bag for notebooks. Second, long-term outdoor cold environment on your laptop, once to enter the warmth and humidity of the room must wait a period of time, in the slowly warming packs, laptops, don't immediately use the notebook. This surface will not be instantaneous temperature difference, so there would be no condensation of water. Many friend without a cotton bag, case, or enter the room only opens a small laptop backpack, let the air slowly heating up, as long as it doesn't have a large temperature difference will be no condensation of water. Relentless-
-battery not
careful when no battery notebook users like usual, I like off the battery from the machine, so you can avoid batteries being recharged battery life, lighter notebook components. Proposals might as well not saved, for data security, the best back on the laptop battery, or accidentally data will be "ruthless" loss.
in fact, this approach is worth the candle. Put battery loaded in machine Shang and no so more problem, battery are used lithium ion electric core, battery of memory effect has very small, addition battery internal most with intelligent chip, this small chip not only can control battery charging power also detection battery whether need charging, General only power below 90% to 95% Shi only will began charging, so usually battery put in notebook Shang does not will has been in charging State.
after years of development, battery charging issues have largely been resolved, with early Ni-MH battery, regular use of lithium-ion batteries stored energy is often completely lit up, then it will dramatically shorten battery life, the battery capacity is shown sharp drop. Then some friends ask how much power is the right battery to retain? According to the experience of many people, residual battery power is best not less than the total capacity of 5%. Can view the battery information in its entirety (including the design of capacity, total actual capacity, charge number, manufacturer, health etc) laptops has IBM and Sony's two major brands, other brands can only rely on third-party software to do this.
not much some people may laptop batteries were years of staying at home may be battery, then put it on the edge. In fact, this is wrong, so that the batteries in the battery pack will be relentlessly aging. Batteries should always be filled with, you can simply charge to 40%~65% per cent of the total electricity volume. Battery charge removed, wrapped in plastic wrap properly in a ventilated cool and does not direct sunlight.