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Business gifts and promotional gifts of distinction

  in international market Shang, business gift and promotions gift Zhijian has relative strictly of difference, so caused has business this two species gift distinct of gift company of commercial mode (actually business good of gift company in while business with this two class gift, and usually its business in the promotions products of proportion to than business gift big of more, a is relative Yu business gift for, market on promotions products of needs is continued sex and large volume of; II is promotions products to gift business brings of profit is continued and considerable of ( This is because the demand for gift, promotional items the customer is stable and long-term).
this on to we proposed has such a interesting of problem: what is success of gift company of products business mode? so let we to listed some case to description this problem: according to authority media of survey: business good of gift company most is by with promotions products exists and development with; due to these on promotions products has needs of customer is this class gift company of long-term customer, so gift company in guarantee service quality of premise Xia, Gift purchasing agent is easy to get these customers---customer base represents the stability of a steady stream of profits.
on each gift of gifts in business history, as some promotional items gift company with many large companies, so in recent years has made remarkable achievements in the development, peer envy. Business gifts are not large in proportion of their business. Current due to the wide range of business gifts, quality, lack of intellectual property protection of new products, so neither the manufacturer nor the gift card there is fierce competition. Due to business gift services value-added component is not high, so undercut becomes a gift to win the customer's primary means, and the result is the reduction in average, many of the business gift company shut down in a very short time, this is one of the most important reasons. So, gift companies, to sustainable development, must find some promotional needs of large customers, and run business gifts.