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Gifts to quantify indicators clear aim of marketing

  holiday special gifts promotional gifts are a special time of marketing activities, special events are different from conventional marketing, concentration, sudden and abnormal sexual characteristics and scale to make holiday gift marketing activities must be carried out planning, implementation, control, evaluate, improve, improve, to achieve or exceed expectations. A holiday gift
marketing activities have to accommodate all the links very difficult, so holiday gift market is necessary, prioritize, focus on Terminal access road. By retailers and consumers of both Terminal is very exciting, and formed a line to pull the roll out of the entire sales gift company in Beijing.
retail businesses including supermarkets, warehouses, Department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, electronics City, Terminal marketing campaign, the main objective is to pass a series of promotional activities to increase the retailer's product inventory, increased rates and access to superior point of sale, merchandising, effective factory holiday promotions.
gift for consumer marketing activities, we should analyze consumer gift levels, holiday spending, the acceptance of a promotional approach, gifts and similar competitive attitude to market, price, place, the final decision is a new gift to launch new consumer? Is through promotional means to consolidate existing consumer? or 4P means to attract users of competitive brand?
holiday gifts campaigns must have quantified targets in order to achieve the purpose of planning, evaluation, control. Quantitative indicators are usually sales, market share, gross margins, compare dates, growth rate, the repurchase rate, the arrival rate of promotional advertising gifts.
at the same time, select the gift choice of marketing communication tools is very important. Festival during, market competition fierce, market needs strongly, makes Festival gift marketing activities not only requirements enterprise itself quickly launched marketable of gift Beijing gift company, developed attract people of price, makes target customer easily made they need of products, and also requirements enterprise in Festival during flight strengthening or remodeling its in market Shang of new image, design and spread novel, and unique of appearance, and features, and purchase conditions and gift, to target consumers brings interests temptation, aspects of information, And according to the cultural background of different consumers, revenue, the regional culture, communication and promotional activities, with the help of these tools or activities that put this information in the special period (Festival) show, special places, full disclosure, to form the extraordinary scale of consumption. The marketing communication tools including advertising sales promotion, publicity officer combination of marketing and optimization.
, for example, to consolidate a mature product market, Festival marketing can be used to send small gifts, serial lucky draw prize gift way; for the launch of new products, promotional gifts, free trial, buy gifts, mailing list of products, quotations, etc; also can create a public relations event, using a propaganda gift promotional event, rendering publicizing a product or business. Topics advertising gift promotional, color, title, to the programmes, activities can highlight the festive atmosphere, create a festive opportunity.