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China gifts industry six trends

  our gift will have the following six major trends in the industry:
market opening: gift market opening, royalstar appliance-profile entry, beautiful gift industry manufacturers began looking for gifts and so on, show the process of socialization of the gift market in the fast across. Please do not forget is that gift packed into so many big-name, the market is big enough, but don't turn the channel into the channel, immediately indigestion, or even bursting stomach. Therefore, the degree of market opening is not decided to enter the brand or strong levels, the key lies in whether increased wholesale link and direct sales sales levels, thus entered the battlefield must take care of their partners, dredge their own channels.
brand socialization: gift industry brand to social brand excessive, has shouted has good years has, but due to gift industry enterprise itself based and capital distribution situation, brand socialization most time into has talk, now, industry within sales degrees over 200 million of increasingly more, marketing mode in taste again herbs zhihou are has has their mature of mode, again plus market open has, whole industry of social recognized degrees upgrade has, future 3 years within achieved brand socialization only real became reality. Gift business in the way of realizing socialization of brand must have a unique skill, we need to note is that in the next 3 years, will form a new brand in the industry regime matrix, do remember: "be famous as early as possible."
Division of specialization: from Yiwu to Nantong, from Guangdong to Shanghai from foreign trade to domestic competition between migration and economic order never disorder throughout the industry value chain, different links always someone to reorganize resources, with the result that cannot affect the overall situation. When you Yiwu Guangdong, Shanghai, Nantong, will find in the enterprise game, more sophisticated Division of labor, make reasonable profit, focus on your own core technology, enterprises can live longer, OEM or shareholding or very few enterprise were eliminated because of the specificity.
collaboration integration: upper division professional, open markets, brands strengthened, requires closeness with downstream partners to strengthen, as manufacturers from policies to services are designed around the marketing chain, grasp each node, channel stability, unimpeded, to a common growth. Conversely, wholesale gift industry links matured, the joint is the most powerful entity purchasing consortia, so that its upstream manufacturers, and downstream partners, cooperation on more stable, larger wholesale link development is the key to promote industry cooperation integration.
talent: foreign Buddhist monks will chant, such talents under the guidance of the hardest is a leader of big brother. China gifts industry professionals use, indeed experienced many airborne option, results from the enterprise to the network, from the network to the training aspects, are all injured, those teeth are not said to be injured, bitter suffering their most clear. Gift industry without talent, but please do. Gift industry after so many years of development, have developed a lot of good talent and industry professionals, keeping not only don't want to reuse it, the result is subversive, it is these good people digging the canal water, brought in other industry rivals, gift industry thrived. Love your talent at hand, and to allow soldiers, generals, not hard money effort to cultivating professional managers for the opponent. Polarized
mode: manufacturers once the gift industry's mainstream manufacturer's pattern is to make channel tOFF gift business is booming in recent years, the pattern is services and planning. If the gift industry's mainstream now, is a typical pattern of polarization stage, one hand gift manufacturers entered, it was sacrificed, stand steady signs of growing, on the other hand closely unite around the big business of gift planning company, sales more than the manufacturer's trend, after all, serve several customers to service a group of partners to easily. Edges at the Poles, our rational, channels are built to last, hard points, large customers is an opportunity, meet you don't make money equal to set aside the meal ticket, don't dream old rabbit under a tree.

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